We work in partnership and cooperation in a wide network of likeminded initiatives: EST, 2011-2014  an EU LLP sponsored project to Enhance systemic Transformation GASC, Global Association of SoL ( Society for organization Learning)Communities.. our founding organization, Learning organizations for Sustainability Foundation is the member organization of GASC on behalf of SoL Hu members. ( temporarily suspended) Presencing Institute, where we also align with goals and processes expressed in the U.lab project-- we also host a U.Lab learning Hub Team Syntegrity International, due to our co-founder, Agota Ruzsa, who has been a licence holder of TS since the mid 90s, we can offer TS strategy and project development programs The Wolrd Café Foundation and Community, as Agota Ruzsa originally has been cooperating with Juanita Brown since their participation and involvement in the original MIT Dialogue facilitators' project Art of Hosting  global comunity  and we developed a Hungarian language version of the program, called TérTeremtő Dialógusok ™ which is being experienced and taught in the whole of the country by now WisdomWeavers for Social Healing to enhance Equality,Peace and Sustainability, a newly growing community of dedicated people hosting, facilitating therapeutic process that handle the roots of our social traumas we have been through and also empowers local and global wisdom seeds to grow and help us move into mutual respect and enhancement. ( healing History-PoP project, etc.)