Global Climate Game

climate interactiveWorld Climate Game

A computer-simulation-based role-playing exercise

Followed by a Proaction café community dialogue in the a nearby restaurant.

Learning Dialogue along the Danube, Budapest “Most people get lost when they just see the results of models. But people really understand when, as I saw in this Copenhagen exercise, they experiencethe results.”Dr. Bob Corell, Global Change Program of the Heinz Center, USA former chair of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment World Climate is a half-day simulation-based role-playing exercise that gives groups of 20 to 70 people an experience of reaching a global agreement to mitigate climate change. Set up as a highly simplified UN negotiation similar to what took place in Copenhagen in 2009, the exercise asks participants to play the role of delegates from India, China, the US, the EU, Brazil, island nations, and other regions. Negotiators work together to reach a global accord that meets the group’s goal for CO2 levels. The UN Secretary General receives pledges from three different blocs, asks his technical staff to simulate them in the C-ROADS climate simulation, developed by Climate Interactive, and informs delegates of the results. Often, the teams must go back for another round of debate, strategizing, and collaboration. World Climate was designed by Drew Jones of Climate Interactive and John Sterman of the MIT Sloan School of Management. The exercise has been used around the world, with business leaders, students, and policy makers. Date: 27th April, 2012. 2pm– 6pm.  and then Proaction Dialogue from 6.30-9.30 Venue: Downtown, Budapest Facilitators: prof. Christoph Mandl és Theresa Kuttner Further information: Registration: Eszter Takács,, or                     Registration_form_WCG_apr27_angol