Szervezetek traumák™ – Rendszerszemléletű munka Anngwyn St Justtel.

Ez a műhely JÚNIUS 7-n kerül megrendezésre egy komplex, 1 hetes program részeként: Healing into Wholeness,  Társadalmi sebeink  és Társadalmi döntéseink. Kiengesztelődés és együttműködés. Kiteljesedés és kreativítás. SZERVEZETI TRAUMÁK™ ?  ORGANIZATIONAL TRAUMAS WORKSHOP AND EVENING MEET UP. REGISTRATION ONLINE. time: 10am-17pm, address: Vaci u.40. Ars et Vita alapítvány Speciális vendégünk-Special guest: ANNGWYN ST JUST, USA a well experienced social traumatologist, systemic constellator, with long lasting co-partnering with P.Levine, working on the psyche and the soma, and their relationship, originally from Berkeley University. Anngwyn has expanded her understanding of trauma into the realms of the collective traumas, which can be geographical, human-social traumas both in communities, nationas and organizations. ORG TRAUMAS.docx-page-002AGOTA E. RUZSA, founding trustee of SoL Hu and AGA, as an educator, trainer, consultant, coach and facilitator as well as social healer of systems constellation has dedicated 30 years of her life to connect and reconnect all that is broken, both from the self to the soul, and from the individual to the larger whole, such as communities and organizations, and also as a consultant, SoL facilitator she's been reconnecting organizations into wholeness where departments, fragmented and at times ignorant of one another may reconnect and thus enhance their understanding, intelligence and cooperation while keeping autonomy and authenticity. EMESE MÓRICZ, ex-SoL member, comes from the world of organizational practice, moved into training and coaching and recently deeply interested in personal and organizational traumas which incorporates into her professional work by now.     A STORY-A POSSIBLE SCENARIO Let us take the example of an organization which was created at the turn of the 19 hundreds, thriving, brave, powerful and also aware of the social dimension. People feel safe, encouraged and meaningful in their lives, then come Trianon and all of a sudden borders divide the flow of interconnectedness, one branch in Slovakia, the other in Romania, and one in Hungary, they somehow survive and relocate or reconnect and then comes WWII and the Jewish "laws", where fear and threat intervenes, ownership breached, personal and collective trauma manifests, somehow survives and just about to take a new breath and start anew when communism takes over, all private property taken, new leadership installed, enemies declared, lies and non-authentic ideology rules, then a slight hope to arise in 1956 whicORG TRAUMAS.docx-page-001h is reteriorated in a merthiless manner... than subdued new beginning, heart is broken, motivation lost, yet slowly the new order gains some momentum, until in the 80 s they produce for foreign market already, then comes 1989-1999 and a new order dictates again with an ideology that what had been there until then was not the truth, you were supporting false idols, and now with new privatization you will find creativity and meaning on a higher level, yet what you experience is that you are cut into pieces ( called holdings), new leadership in place, new language comes to tell you within ca. 4-5 years that the right direction is team work and loyalty and empowered employees who have a say in company development, though not in ownership which already is in the hands of unknown entities.... This story strongly remind me of a painful story of a child abused and handed owner, used and exploited for reasons she/he cannot understand... Is she going to be motivated, full of life energy and creative intelligence in the service of the whole??? Let us see how we can move on, break through this vicious circle and see HEALING into Wholeness which brings aware and committed action on all levels of the organizational existence: in identity, loyalty, creativity, co-creation, empowered actions, genuine cooperation. Come and work with us on this very important topic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A  szerdai műhely és az esti SoL Meet up a fenti témára fókuszál alapos belső és rendszerfejlesztő vezetői tudatosodást erősítő szándékkal. Módszereink a rendszerállítás, trauma oldás lehetőségeit kapcsolaják össze a mély dialógus feltáró folyamatával, kiemelt figyelmet fordítva a vezetés-a szervezeti kultúra és a társadalmi traumák kölcsönhatására.. A programról részletesebben ITT olvashat.  
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