Working with Emerging Futures

Are we constructing our organizations and societies or simply we tune into what the society is telling us just as it is? Recently a key question for all leaders in times of obvious changes. Are we able to construct the future or/and ride the waves of the emerging future thus move on with the rythm that flows in us? Here is a short conversation on this issue with Jan Jacob Stam, IOCTI sharing his thinking on the theme with some comparison with Theory U. " For me change starts with agreeing with the world as it is. For Otto change starts with disagreeing with the world as it is. ... Transformation is a process when you have no clue where you will end...for me this is the nature of the emerging future. .. it is frightening and can create tension and crises which may well ruin the patterns.. what is the impulse that can destabalize these patterns so that new patterns may emerge. So our question is how can we outgrow our patterns. And it seems we need to fully fully integrate them. So when you learn to accept what is, you may integrate it and then you can grow.  ..Systems want to be complete, so it is important to embrace the dark side as well."