AoH-TTD in the EU

 Strasbourg: the Social Business Initiative conference.

This document was written by Matthieu Kleinschmager and myself as a contribution to a study on social innovation in Europe by the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA), a think tank connected with the Commission.
Our names are in footnote 1 of the document, but I have now also put them in the footer. The anonymity is a classic feature of life as a dedicated civil servant. Somebody higher up the hierarchical food chain often takes the credit, but this time it was just the ingrained habit of collective reflex.
I include the article again. It is also posted, extremely obscurely, on the AoH Ning site, in the European Commission group there – where there is more good material, so head on over and investigate, folks! I am aware that it belongs on the project stories page there, but I think that needs to be done by an administrator!